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With any new class everyone is constantly evaluating how good the talents are, and with the Mists of Pandaria talent changes this is very hard to say how good they overall. Some of the talents will be better than the others mathematically, but most of them are either a play style choice or a choice depending on the fight that you are doing.

The Monk Talents

Here are the different Monk talents, I’ll go through each tier and explain each talent and talk about their use.


This is the talent tree for Monks with some of the different choices selected. You gain a talent point every 15 levels. There are 6 tiers of talents.

Tier 1: The Movement Tier

The first talent point you get at level 15 has you choosing between 3 different abilities that increase your movement speed. Each talent has its use and is very dependent on play style and encounter design in PvE, or team composition in PvP.

The first choice is Celerity. This talent changes your Roll ability; it gives you a third charge to use and decreases the cooldown from 18 seconds to 15 seconds. This ability is great for those that find that the 18 second cooldown for Roll is too long. It also lets you Roll an additional time before the ability goes on cooldown. It is great when you need short bursts of movement, boss effects that require you to move very quickly out of a spell effect, or for PvP to move into or out of combat.

The second choice you have is Tiger’s Lust. This talent gives you an additional ability that costs 1 Chi, removes all movement impairing effects and immobilize results and increases your targets movement speed by 70% for 6 seconds, this ability has a 30 second cooldown. This ability is amazing for fights like Blade Lord Tayak in Heart of Fear. The fact that you can also cast it on someone else means that you can help healers to get to the other side of the room quicker. In PvP it is good because it removes immobilize and movement impairing effects from your target, making it possible to use it to help flag carriers or healers to escape healers. It is a great movement cooldown for yourself in PvP and PvE.

The last choice you have is called Momentum. This talent increases your movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds after you roll and stacks up to 2 times. This is the talent that I have as my default talent because I find it very useful during dailies, dungeons and most raid encounters. The movement speed bonus is good for fights like Will of the Emperor for dodging the Devastating Combo.

Tier 2: Chi Users

The three abilities you gain from this tier all cost 2 Chi to use, they both are able to do damage or healing depending on who they are cast on or move over. I find that for a Brewmaster, Chi Wave is the best talent, as it will heal me and melee players as well as doing damage to the boss.

Chi Wave costs 2 Chi and bounces between enemies and allies. It will bounce 7 times per cast. If you cast Chi Wave on an enemy it will deal damage to 4 enemies and heal 3 allies, it will choose players with lower health to heal than those with higher health. If it is cast on an ally it will heal 4 players and deal damage to 3 enemies. There is an 8 second cooldown on this ability, has a 40 yard range and bounces to enemies and allies within 20 yards.

Zen Sphere Is a Heal over Time (HoT) that is cast on a friendly target. It will heal that target over 16 seconds and does damage to the nearest enemy target within 10 yards. If you cast this spell again while the HoT effect is active you will detonate and deal damage to all nearby enemies and heal all nearby allies within 10 yards. Zen Sphere is the ability I find the least useful out of this tier due to the requirement of 4 Chi to use in and then detonate it.

Chi Burst has a cast time, a 40 yard range and costs 2 Chi. It travels towards the target and does damage to all enemies that the spell travels over and heals all allies that the spell travels over. You are still able to dodge, parry and auto-attack while casting this spell. This is a great ability to use in conjunction with the Black Ox Statue, making a macro to target the Statue, placing the statue behind a raid stack up point and then casting the spell when your raid is stacked up to heal everyone is a very useful ability in 10 man raiding. The same can be done to damage enemies that are stacked up as well.

Tier 3: Chi Generation

This tier is all about Chi. Creating Chi and storing Chi, just Chi in general. Chi, Chi, Chi. Power Strikes is the talent choice that provides the most Chi at the moment and is the one I use most. Ascension is useful if you have trouble using Chi or find you need to store Chi. Chi Brew is great for boss encounters that have periods on increased damage. Magmaw from Blackwing Descent is a great example of this.

Power Strikes is an ability that effects your Jab spell. The effect has a 20 second cooldown and makes your next Jab generate an extra Chi. If you are at maximum Chi you will create a Chi Orb next to you which you can walk over to gain the 1 Chi. This talent isn’t very good for Mistweavers as jab is only used during Melee healing.

Ascension increases the maximum Chi that you can store by 1 meaning that you can have up to 5 Chi at any one time. If you are having trouble managing your Chi this talent is good for you, but at the moment it isn’t as good as the other two choices in this tier.

Chi Brew is a cooldown that gives you 4 Chi. It has a 90 second cooldown and is useful to provide burst damage during PvP and boss fights, and also burst healing as well. It isn’t an ability that I am using, but definitely one that it useful.

Tier 4: Crowd Control

These abilities are all used to Crowd Control mobs in PvE and players in PvP. These abilities are good for Add control in fights, but are more useful for PvP.

Deadly Reach Increases the range of your paralysis to 20 yards letting you CC mobs at a range instead of having to get into melee range. For PvP it is useful as a ranged interrupt or as an ability to stop someone you are chasing after.

Charging Ox Wave is a Shockwave like ability that stuns all targets in front of you for 3 seconds to a range of 30 yards. This ability has a 1 minute cooldown and is very good if you can position yourself properly, but with a long cooldown costly if you miss with it.

Leg Sweep is a 5 second stun that hits all enemies within 5 yards. There is a 45 second cooldown and is the talent choice that I have been using the most, the Melee stun for trash in dungeons and raids is amazing, but it might not be as useful in PvP as Charging Ox Wave due to its range.

Tier 5: Cooldowns

The abilities in this tier are all about giving you more cooldowns for you to use. Healing Elixirs is a cooldown tied to your Brew and Tea abilities. Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic is proper cooldowns that you can use to mitigate damage.

Healing Elixirs is a heal that is tied to your Brew and Tea abilities. It heals you for 10% of your total health and has a 15 second cooldown. As a cooldown is it very good because you don’t have to remember to use it as it is triggered by Brews or Teas. The downside to the trigger mechanic is that you might use the heal when you are at full health and not need it.

Dampen Harm is an ability with a 90 second cooldown. The next 3 attacks that are dealt to you within 45 seconds that do more than 10% of your total health will be reduced in half. This is a very good ability in raiding for boss hits that do large raid damage. In PvP it can protect against burst damage for a little bit.

Diffuse Magic is an ability has a 90 second cooldown. Spell damage against you is reduced by 90% and will clear all magic effects on you and if possible will revert the effects to the caster of the spell if within 40 yards. The ability lasts 6 seconds. This ability is the one I use during the Elegon fight as an extra cooldown because of its huge magic damage reduction.  I believe that at the moment the part of the spell that reverts damage to the caster isn’t working at the moment but I am not sure.

Tier 6: The Final Tier

This tier is the money-maker, the really cool abilities that you have been waiting 89 levels for. I am personally using Xuen at the moment but I have used all of them at some point during my raiding.

Rushing Jade Wind is a ranged attack that deals damage to everyone in front of you for 30 yards and costs 2 Chi. It has a 30 second cooldown and also increases the damage that enemies hit by it take from Spinning Crane Kick by 30% for 8 seconds. This is great for AoE damage as Spinning Crane Kick does a large amount of our damage during an AoE encounter. As a Brewmaster it also gives you the shuffle buff, so you don’t have to feel bad about using it instead of Blackout Kick.

Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is our very cool looking tiger cooldown. You summon Xuen, the White Tiger to damage your target for 45 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown. Xuen also does damage to nearby targets while active and if you are a Brewmaster it will taunt mobs off of you. This doesn’t work on bosses however, so you don’t have to worry about Xuen moving the boss off of where you need it.

Chi Torpedo changes our Roll spells so that you now torpedo through the air, doing damage to all enemies you move over and healing allies you move over.  This is a very cool looking ability as you corkscrew through the air healing your friends and smiting your enemies. There are uses in PvE, but seeing as I don’t Roll too much, it isn’t something that I use.

Hopefully you all now know about the different talent choices that we have at our disposal as a Monk. My suggestion is to keep at least 20 Tomes of Clear Mind (http://www.wowhead.com/item=79249) so that you can change your talents when you feel like it, or to try out something different where ever you are.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions leave a comment on this post and I will talk to you all later.



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