So… Mistweaving…

Hey guys,

Nothing major today, just going to talk about my raiding week and what not. My guild managed to get down Blade Lord Tayak on Wednesday (Yay!) and has started working on Garalon, we’ve gotten some progression on him, but it looks like the damage and healing that my team is outputting is a little on the low side, so hopefully that changes next week.

I got invited to a group by a friend the other night to find out it was a different realm where Galleon has spawned, which was great as I hadn’t seen him spawn in two weeks. Brought him down, use a token and got a leather chest piece for me Brewmaster set, so that is now 489, and moving some gear to my Windwalker set and it is now 481, and I need a better fist weapon to drop for me then the 463 one that I have. The weird thing about Galleon that night, I killed him on this different server, then two hours later he spawned on Jubei’thos and I managed to get that kill as well, with no loot unfortunately, but two Galleon kills in one night is something that I am happy about. As it stands right now, I’ve killed Galleon 5 times, and gotten 4 pieces of loot from him (1 piece of loot was a repeat piece, so 3 really).

I have also started working on a Mistweaver set, I’ve been chain running heroic dungeons as a tank, rolling on any item that isn’t needed by other people, and converting my JP to HP to grab the honour gear as well (mostly because I like the set without the helm). It looks like I might be healing the Garalon fight at least, as Mistweavers are amazing for it. But what that means is that I might be putting up some blog posts about Mistweavers if I can figure out what all these new shiny buttons do. I will definitely be posting more up about Brewmasters on Friday, probably going to be looking at glyphs, although I might do that as a general post, and start getting into raid strategies for Brewmasters. What do you guys think?

As always, leave and comments or suggestions about what I have written about or about my writing/blog format/whatever is relevant. You can ask questions on my Twitter @Matthews9292 or leave feedback there as well.



~ by matthewsmonk on November 27, 2012.

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