Soloing Content as a Monk

Not too much in the post today as I have had a bit of a busy week. My guild did however take down Garalon on Wednesday so we are now 3/6 in the Heart of Fear, hoping to take down Wind Lord Mel’jarak and Amber-Shaper Un’sok on Sunday.


Image from Wowwiki

Since patch 5.1 has hit it is much easier to get into the old raid content (because you don’t need a raid group) which has brought back a resurgence of soloing old content, for me at least. Blizzard has also changed some of the bosses to make them more solo friendly.

I’ve been able to go through and solo the whole of Black Temple, before the Reliquary of Souls nerf with some clever Statue of the Black Ox-ing (I think that is a word now), Ive been able to solo Kael’thas in the Eye, with no Ashes dropping. No mount from Onyxia yet either, or from Attumen the Huntsman in Karazhan. Most of my soloing has been done as a Brewmaster, although I did Kael’thas as a Windwalker.

Also, while not a raid, I have been able to go through Zul’Gurub and kill Bloodlord Mandokir, soaking his Decapitate hit which does 15 Million damage.

I have yet to go through Ulduar on my Monk, but when I get a chance I definitely will. The same goes for Serpent Shrine Cavern and Mount Hyjal.

So my main question is; what raids/raid bosses/achievements have you gone back and done on your Monk? And what specs have you used to solo the bosses you’ve killed?

As always, feel free to leave comments or suggestions as a comment on this post, or you can tweet me at @matthews9292.


~ by matthewsmonk on December 7, 2012.

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