What is in a User Interface?

That which we call an addon would work just as well… I don’t know where I was going with that, but I think it worked (maybe). It does however set up the topic for the blog post today. Addons. Or more importantly, Monk addons.

(Disclaimer:  Sorry for the bad Shakespeare reference, hopefully it didn’t make you stop reading 🙂   )

At the moment, there are a few good Monk addons, most of which revolve around showing you how much Chi you have stored, or for Brewmasters, how much Stagger damage you are taking. There are a couple of other addons that work with Monks; MonkTimers is a good example of an all-purpose Monk addon.

The only Monk specific addons that I am using at the moment are StaggerMeter and ChiBar. While some class specific addons are useful, I feel that something like Weak Auras or Power Auras Classic (When it gets updated) are much better because you can use them for so many different things, across so many different classes that using up resources on unneeded addons is pointless. I know that you can make an aura for Chi, but I haven’t configured it yet, as I have just started using Weak Auras and don’t have everything set up yet.


The addons that I am using at the moment are;

  • Bartender4
  • Gnosis
  • Viewporter
  • KG Panels
  • Vuhdo
  • Stagger Meter
  • Chi Bar
  • Sexy Maps
  • Chatter
  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • Weak Auras
  • MSBT

These addons are the ones that I have that affect combat or what is displayed on my screen. I like the way that my UI is set up at the moment, it is very different to my old UI and I think that it is better. The main reason for most of the addons is so that I can set it up how I like it, like Bartender for example, or provides functionality to play, like Weak Auras does.

I do have some Weak Auras for Brewmasters that I think everyone should have. I’ll put them up when I can, but basically they track Stagger, Tiger Power, Power Guard, Shuffle and Power Strikes.

I think that anyone that is looking to build their UI from scratch should check out a video that Lore from Tankspot made on his YouTube channel. There are two videos, one here and the other here. They are a great place to start when you are looking to make your own UI and include different addons that you feel are mandatory.

Again guys, if you have any comment or suggestions please leave a comment. If you have an addon that you can’t live without or you think everyone should have (Monk related or not) put a comment on this post.


~ by matthewsmonk on December 12, 2012.

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