Tanking Tips for a Brewmaster

So we are going to start heading into the magical world of Brewmaster tanking. Over the next few weeks I’ll be putting up some raid encounter mini guides for each boss. But for now, let’s go over the basics as a Brewmaster.


So the first tip that I have for you all is that Breath of Fire, while it is a cool ability, isn’t really worth using on most boss fights. Blackout Kick is going to be the number 1 use of Chi that you have, keeping up Shuffle is your main priority.

The second tip that I have for you is Guard shouldn’t be used when you pull the boss. Because Guard scales with your Attack Power, which you gain from Vengeance, waiting that little bit will give you a stronger absorb through Guard. Make sure that you have Power Guard up every time you use Guard as well.

Tip number the third, when you have a good Shuffle buff going, upwards of 15 seconds, you can start throwing your tier 3 talent if you are on low health. I don’t suggest using them a lot, but every once in a while to help out your healers is a good idea.

Tip four, if you are not on full health you should be using Expel Harm to generate Chi. Remember that Expel Harm will only deal damage to an enemy if it heals you, over healing doesn’t count.

Using the Glyph of Fortifying Brew increases the damage reduction of Fortifying Brew by 5%, but reduces the health you gain to 10%. This glyph turns Fortifying Brew into a pre-emptive cooldown, instead of a reactive one. While using this glyph Fortifying Brew should be used before taking a large hit.

Make sure that you place Statue of the Ox down before the fight and make sure that you place it again if it dies because the Guard that it gives is a great help to healers, especially during certain fights like Elegon and Wind Lord Mel’jarak.

The combination of Avert Harm and Zen Meditation makes for a great raid cooldown when you need to be stacked up. Taking 20% of the damage that everyone takes, then reducing it by 90% means you will stay alive, and you’ll help the healers as well.

Elusive Brew should be used when you know you’ll be taking increased damage through melee attacks or abilities. A good example of this is Garalon’s Furious Swipe, which you can dodge. If you reach 15 stacks of Elusive Brew while you are tanking the boss you should use it immediately. While you aren’t tanking, having it reach 15 stacks and using it when you taunt is fine.

Purifying Brew should be used as quickly as you can when your Stagger damage gets to yellow or red. If you have something that can track the damage that your Stagger debuff is at, you could pick a damage amount and use Purifying Brew when you hit that damage amount. Using Purifying Brew takes priority over Shuffle.

These are all the tips that I have for you at the moment; if you have any of your own please comment on this post, so we can help each other become better Brewmasters.


~ by matthewsmonk on December 14, 2012.

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