A Math-ier Side of the Brewmaster

Just going to throw in a little disclaimer here, the bulk of this post is going to be a little bit of math, I am going to be looking at haste values and the Chi that they generate. I would love some feedback from you on this topic, because as we all know, Brewmaster stat weights are subject to player opinion so the best I can really do is provide my suggestions. So let’s get into it.




As we all know, the more Haste Rating we have the more Energy we generate. The more Energy we generate the more Chi we generate. The more Chi we generate the more abilities we can use.


During a 2 minute window, to have a 100% uptime on our Shuffle buff (from Blackout Kick) and to use Guard every 30 seconds (on cooldown) we require;


20 Blackout Kicks which cost us 40 Chi (6 second buff, 2 Chi per use)

4 Guards which costs us 8 Chi (30 second cooldown, 2 Chi per use)


During this 2 minute window we will need 48 Chi to keep our buffs up.

Let’s assume for simplicities sake that every ability we use to generate Chi will do so.


Now let’s delve into the world of maths together.

15 Keg Smashes (8 second cooldown) generate (2*15) 30 Chi. This costs us (15*40) 600 Energy

You now need to generate 18 Chi through Jab or Expel Harm.

18 Jabs (no cooldown) will generate (18*1) 18 Chi. This costs us (18*40) 720 Energy.

So in total, to keep our buffs up we need to generate 1320 Energy over 2 minutes.


You generate 11 Energy per second standard (without any extra haste) over 2 minutes this gives us (11 * 120) 1320 Energy. As we can see, with our base Energy regeneration we can have a 100% uptime on Shuffle and Guard. But we’re not robots, or at least, last time I checked I wasn’t, so we will never play this good. So let’s add haste to the mix.


425 Haste Rating is equal to 1% Haste for us. 1% Haste increases our Energy Regeneration by 0.01%. At 1% Haste our base Energy regeneration becomes (11*1.01) 11.11 Energy per second.


1% Haste isn’t a very good thing to calculate though, as everyone should have more Haste then that on their gear. So let’s look at higher Haste values.

At 5% haste your Energy regeneration is 11.55 Energy per second with Power Strikes or Chi Brew (It is 13.28 Energy per second with Ascension). This means that you have 1386 Energy to use in 2 Minutes (or 1593.90 with Ascension). Extra Energy translates into more Jabs for us (since we have a finite amount of Keg Smashes).


1386 Energy (or 1593.90 with Ascension) will generate ((1386-600)/40) 19.65 or ((1593.90-600)/40) 24.8475 Jabs. Each Jab corresponds to an extra Chi. So at 5% Haste we now have ((19.65+30)-48) 1.65 excess Chi (7.65 with Power Strikes) or ((24.8475+30)-48) 6.8475 excess Chi with Ascension.


For each 5% Haste you gain (2125 Haste Rating) you will generate an additional 1.65 Chi with Power Strikes.


So hopefully you could work your way through the math above. If not, don’t worry, but I would like to ask you a few questions.

How much excess (Chi above the 48 every 2 minutes to keep Shuffle and Guard up) Chi do I really need?

How many times do I feel I need to use Purifying Brew during a fight?

Would 1.65 extra Chi every 2 minutes be worth more than 2125 Critical Strike Rating or Mastery Rating or Expertise Rating (Note that dropping 1.65 extra Chi every 2 minutes almost gets you from 7.5% Expertise to 15% Expertise)?


Comment below or send me a tweet with answers, comment, concerns about the end of the world (Although it is 9pm here in Australia so I think that we survived).


~ by matthewsmonk on December 21, 2012.

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