Feng the Accursed

Just an update for my raid team, we have cleared Heart of Fear and have killed Elite Protectors of the Endless, so we are going to start working on Tsulong on Sunday. I have also been really enjoying PvP as a Windwalker. But let’s get into the main part of this post.

Feng the Accursed

Long ago, Feng Shri was the Mogu’shan Vaults’ caretaker, tasked with preserving the treasures kept within these shadowy halls. After years of faithful service, he was caught stealing from the shelves (although some say he was framed by a jealous underling) and the mogu ruler punished him with a fatal curse. The doomed spirit of Feng Shri has wandered the vaults ever since, communing with the shades of past mogu heroes and warlords.


So now we will take a look into Feng the Accursed. If you don’t know how this fight works I suggest you go watch a video guide for it. The Fatboss guides are here for 10 man and here for 25 man.

This fight revolves around the use of the two Tank abilities that you gain during this fight. Depending on which buff you get, either the Shroud of Reversal or the Nullification Barrier will change how you approach the fight as a Tank.

If you are using the Nullification Barrier you will probably have the boss attacking you for the majority of the fight. Especially during the first phase so that the other tank can use the Shroud of Reversal on Lightning Fists to interrupt his Epicenter casts. Depending on when your group uses raid Cooldowns will change when you will use Nullification Barrier, generally every 2nd main ability he uses you should have Nullification Barrier up for.

When you are using the Shroud of Reversal make sure that during phase 1 you are only using it on Lightning Fists to interrupt epicentre. During phase 2 and 3 use it on cooldown to steal Flaming Spear and Arcane Shock.

For talents I would suggest looking at my Stone Guard guide, because unless the fight is heavy magic damage like Elegon, I don’t really change my talents. I am using Ascension at the moment instead of Power Strikes, but it is up to you with which one you pick.

For Glyphs, I think that Fortifying Brew should be used, and if you are taking heavy magic damage from the Tank debuffs, Glyph of Guard.

So, now for my Brewmaster tips for this fight;

  1. Always make sure that you have Statue of the Ox down. This is a big one!!
  2. When you are off tanking, you can use Avert Harm and Zen Meditation as a raid cooldown to help out healers.
  3. If the main amount of damage you are taking is magical from the Tank debuff, switch to Glyph of Guard to help soak that damage.
  4. Sit on Elusive Brew while you aren’t tanking so that when the tank swap comes, you can have close to 15 stacks ready to go.
  5. See my tips from the Stone Guard guide, because they also apply to this fight.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this post or any other feel free to reply here or talk to me on twitter at @matthews9292. If you want me to put more or different information into other boss encounters let me know as well. I also have a new email address for the blog which is monkdownunder@gmail.com which you can also use if you have any comments or concerns.


~ by matthewsmonk on January 4, 2013.

One Response to “Feng the Accursed”

  1. Never had to tank this fight before, nice tips!

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