Hey There Everyone,


Just a post to day as a bit of an update as to what I have been doing in game, my progression in game and such.


So, starting off, I have been raiding with my guild Dark Hand on Jubei’thos. We are now 13/16 on normal mode (Not where I would like us to be, but still pretty good). Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get Sha of Fear down and start working on Heroics.


My Monk is sitting on an item level of 492 (Armoury link here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Makova/advanced ), I have switched to dual-wield tanking and I’ve recently moved back to 15% expertise. The main reason for this is to try and increase the damage I am doing as much as possible, as right now I find that I am not taking that much damage in raid encounters. I am still learning the Monk class as I go, and really enjoying playing as a Brewmaster.




I got a new monitor for Christmas, nothing fancy, 24”, nice and shiny. Because of this new monitor I have had to redo a lot of my UI as everything moved around when I changed from my 17” screen.


My UI is here;




I have set up my Weak Auras based off of Sersel in the MMO Champion forums (You can find the thread here http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1239614-Chi-Energy-watching). I have changed it, seeing as he has his set up for Windwalkers, I have also set mine up with different cooldowns, and different specs (I’ve set up a Brewmaster and Mistweaver part to the auras).


PvP has been a thing for me as well recently. I’ve been playing as a Windwalker and I have really been enjoying it, I know there are some problems with Monks in PvP, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Hopefully 5.2 will fix these problems as well.


I’ve levelled up my Paladin and Druid to 90 as well and both will be/are tanking. I’m working on levelling my Warrior up now when I have free time between playing my Monk.


What do you all want to see on this blog in the coming weeks? Have I been doing a good job so far? What can I do to improve?


So what have you all been up to in WoW lately? Let us discuss this game that we all play and enjoy.


~ by matthewsmonk on January 8, 2013.

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