Patch 5.2 PTR Tier Bonuses

Patch 5.2


First of all HUGE DISCLAIMER the Tier bonuses are subject to change just like everything that is on the PTR, so there is a chance  that the bonuses we see now might not make it to live.


However, the tier bonuses for Brewmasters do look very interesting. It seems that they enforce the move away from Haste once you reach a certain point.


The tier bonuses are as follows;

Monk T15 Brewmaster 2P Bonus: After Elusive Brew expires, the amount of damage you Stagger is increased by 12%. This effect lasts 1 sec per stack of Elusive Brew consumed.

Monk T15 Brewmaster 4P Bonus: Each time you take damage from Stagger, you have a 10% chance to make your next Purifying Brew cost no Chi.


How do these affect our game play you ask? Well, having our 2 piece bonus will mean that after our Elusive Brew (30% dodge) expires, we will gain an increase to the damage we Stagger by 12%. This effect will last as long as our Elusive Brew did, So if you have Elusive Brew lasting 12 seconds, then when Elusive Brew expires, you will Stagger 12% more damage for 12 seconds.


The 4 piece bonus is very interesting. When we take damage from Stagger (every second if we are taking melee damage) there is a 10% chance that our next Purifying Brew will cost no Chi.


So with the other changes for the 5.2 PTR so far (Chi Wave, Burst and Zen Sphere not costing Chi) and the potential that most of our Purifying Brews could be free, it looks like Haste will not be as amazing as if use to be. We will want to get to a comfortable Haste rating, which will depend on playstyle  (It would be about 6.5k Haste with Ascension for me) then any extra Haste you have isn’t as effective as Critical Strike Rating and Mastery.


I think that these changes, and this tier of raiding will be interesting for us. I have been thinking it for a while, but it seems like we will scale amazingly well with gear. Having a higher Critical Strike chance for a higher uptime on Elusive Brew, and being able to push more than 60% of the damage we take from melee hits to Stagger, then being able to purify it and take almost none of that damage. I think that Blizzard will have to watch how Monks go this patch and it wouldn’t surprise me to see some more changes to Monks to try and fix this.


As always, what do you all think? Leave me comments or suggestions on here, or you can talk to me via email at or say hey on twitter at @matthews9292.


~ by matthewsmonk on January 11, 2013.

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