The Spirit Kings

Ancient records tell of these legendary rulers, powerful mogu who carved an empire from the very rock of Pandaria. Their names still cause the land to tremble: Zian of the Endless Shadow, Meng the Demented, Qiang the Merciless, and Subetai the Swift. Some say their spirits lurk in the vaults, lost in ghostly memories of battle and glory.


The Spirit Kings

The Spirit Kings is a council fight with 4 bosses. If you haven’t seen the video I suggest looking at the Fatboss guides for 10 man and 25 man.


As this is a 1 tank fight, if required, I suggest that you spec Windwalker for it. The main reason behind this is that the gearing for Brewmasters and Windwalkers is almost identical so you will not need an extra set of gear like other tanks that have a DPS offspec.


However, this is not to say that Brewmasters are bad tanks for this fight, the high mobility that we possess does help us out.


So when you tank this fight the main thing that you need to pay attention to is raid positioning when Qiang the Merciless is active, as his attack damage is split between nearby raid members, if no one is next to you, you will probably die from 1 hit, definitely from 2.


After each boss dies the next boss is a random spawn that starts attacking immediately. This means that you will need to be ready to gain aggro through taunting, or other abilities as they will run straight for 1 of the healers.


The only difference between the LFR and Normal mode versions of this fight are the health pools of the bosses and the damage that each of their abilities do, so if you can tank this in LFR, with the proper use of cooldowns you can tank this in Normal mode.


Make sure when you are fighting Meng the Demented to have Guard and Fortifying Brew ready to use when he gets to a high level of “Insanity” because he hits very hard.


So now for my top tips for this fight;

  1. Using “Roll” properly will mean that you have a higher uptime on the boss as you can quickly get out of the way of mechanics like “Pillage”.
  2. “Tiger’s Lust” is a useful talent to take for this fight as you can increase the movement speed of someone who is finding it hard to move away from mechanics.
  3. Try to tank the bosses in roughly the same area to get a better use out of your “Gift of the Ox” healing spheres.
  4. During “Maddening Shout” do not use “Keg Smash” as you will apply the debuff to your raid. Use “Spinning Crane Kick” instead.
  5. “Provoke” our taunt is great for getting aggro on bosses that have just become active. I know this seems like a weird thing to say, a taunt getting you aggro and all, but “Provoke” also increases the bosses movement speed, so you can start generating proper aggro quicker.
  6. Look at my older guides as pretty much everything in them also applies here.

That’s it for today guys, as always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at


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