Two for the Price of One

To make up for not putting this out on time we have a double hit of boss strategies. So I’ll talk to you all about Elegon AND Will of the Emperor. Let’s get too it.


So we shall start with Elegon.


Like always, there are some guides for Elegon on normal for 10 man and 25 man. The fatboss guides are here for 10 man and here for 25 man.


So to the tank specifics, I generally run in and tank at the start when my team does this boss, because we have a few DPS cooldowns (Invoke Xuen) that benefit from Vengeance. The main part of the tank damage in this fight is the Celestial Breath that he has (And all Dragons have or should have, they are dragons after all).


To help with the damage I glyph Guard, so it can be used as a cooldown for a Celestial Breath, I make sure that I talent Diffuse Magic as well, and I generally use it when the Celestial Protector explodes. I also use Fortifying Brew and Zen Meditation for cooldowns as well.


When the second Celestial Protector spawns make sure you tank swap, and clear your stacks so you don’t take too much damage. When the add hits about 25-30% you need to move it off the shield you are on, so when it explodes it doesn’t get the 50% damage buff.


When you are killing the sparks, in phase 2, depending on how many waves of adds you are killing you can use Touch of Death to instantly kill one, and help everyone else out.


So my top tips for this fight are;


  1. Use the Glyph of Guard, so you have an extra cooldown for the Celestial Breaths.
  2. Make sure that you take Diffuse Magic
  3. Touch of Death can be used to help with the Sparks in phase 2.
  4. You need to recast Summon Black Ox Statue when you go back in to tank Elegon, as it despawns when the platform disappears.
  5. During the enrage phase (When the swirling Vortex of Doom is around the room) make sure that you chain cooldowns for the Celestial Breaths. I generally start with Fortifying Brew > GuardDiffuse Magic > Zen Meditation > Guard > Tank swap so you don’t die.

Now onto Will of the Emperor. As always, there are Fatboss guides for 10 man here and 25 man here.


Will of the Emperor

This boss hits like a truck. You will be taking a large amount of damage, so you need to make sure that you manage your cooldowns effectively.


I generally save Fortifying Brew and Dampen Harm for the Titan Gas phases, which increase all melee damage that is done by players, the boss and the adds. So you need to rotate through Elusive Brew, Guard and your Trinket if you use a tanking trinket for the main phase. You do get some time of no damage during the Devastating Combos as long as you don’t get hit by them, which as a Monk with Roll you should be fine.


That is the main part of the fight. As long as you can dodge the combos, your raid can handle the adds and the healers can keep up with the damage you’ll be able to defeat this encounter really easily.


A double dose of tips for fights today, here are the second set of them;


  1. Make good use of our movement speed talents (Tier 1). Generally either Celerity or Momentum are the better ones for this fight.
  2. Make sure you use Dampen Harm.
  3. If you have come from Elegon, make sure you un-glyph Guard.
  4. Use the Opportunistic Strike as soon as possible, because you can only use it within 3 seconds of dodging the combo.
  5. Zen Meditation can be used to reduce the damage of a melee swing if you need the extra cooldown.
  6. Using Potion of the Mountains during this fight can help you as an additional “cooldown” during this fight.


So that’s it from me today. Sorry this wasn’t out on time, but because you are all patient and amazing you get 2 boss guides for the price of one.


As always you can leave me comments or suggestions on here, or you can talk to me via email at or say hey on twitter at @matthews9292.


~ by matthewsmonk on January 30, 2013.

4 Responses to “Two for the Price of One”

  1. Your blog is awesome. that is all.

  2. Just found out about your blog from casually casualcast. We just finished MSV finally last week. Elegon was really tough. I THINK if you put your ox statue down by the control panel it will stick without you needing to recast it, I don’t think I ever lost it but I would have to test that again. Will of the Emperor gave me a lot of trouble to get used to. Being able to roll however was great especially when he was going to do the front-arc spell. I wish I read your guide before hand, I also recommend that potion of the mountains as if you get hit with that debuff, you probably want to use it so you can save your Fortifyin Brew for the titan gas.Zen meditation is a good idea too, I didn’t try that. You give excellent guides for monks!

    • With Elegon the main reason for placing it on the Ring is so that during Phase 2 your statue should be able to hit nearly everyone. If you place it next to the console (on the outside of the ring) then you won’t need to replace it, but you might not hit as many people.

      I’m glad that you have found the guides useful, thanks for the comment 🙂

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