Tank Guide Tuesday: Giant Bug vs. Should have been called Bladelord

Hey guys,


Before we get into the guides, the episode of Twizzcast that I was on (Episode 40) is up on their website now, you can find it here http://www.twizzcast.com/shows/


With 5.2 coming out in 2 weeks according to Bashiok on twitter and his guide on the community site (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8608452/Preparing_to_Kill_a_King-2_11_2013 ) I am going to for the next few weeks, put up a set of tank guides on Thursdays, so that we can get through this tier before it is over.


I have looked at the PTR a little bit, and over the next few weeks I’ll be putting up my thoughts on the changes for Brewmasters and Windwalkers probably over 2 posts, so that it isn’t too long. And now, onto the guides.



If you haven’t had a look at the video guides for Garalon the 10 man guide is here and the 25 man guide is here.


So depending on how your group does handle this fight you will probably be taking some stacks of Pheromones and also the Furious Swipe. The damage from Pheromones is nature damage, and the Furious Swipe is physical damage. Furious Swipe isn’t a melee attack it will not break Zen Meditation, so as long as you use the glyph for it, you can move and use it and it will reduce the damage that you take from Pheromones.


Because Furious Swipe is on a timer, you can set up your uses of Elusive Brew so that when you get hit you have upwards of 50% avoidance with Shuffle.


If you are using your tanks to take stacks of Pheromones. You should start towards the back of the platform, so there is less of a Pheromone Trail in the middle of the room. I would suggest using 5 people in your first rotation of Pheromones so it is easier for your tanks to pick up the debuff and still be in range of the Furious Swipe.


My tips for this fight are;

  1. Time your Elusive Brew with Furious Swipe.
  2. Use Guard every 30 seconds, to reduce the damage that you take, or before Crush to reduce the damage that you take from it.
  3. Take Diffuse Magic for the Pheromones.
  4. Place your Statue of the Black Ox near the middle of the room after the pull to get the most use out of it.
  5. Use Fortifying Brew as a cooldown to reduce the damage that you take from Crush.



And now for Wind Lord Mel’jarak. The guides for this fight are here for 10 man and here for 25 man.


If your team is 1 tanking this fight, which is how my team has done it every week, consider changing your spec to Windwalker, as your gear can be used for it, but if you are tanking it, you will be taking a lot of damage.


As tempting as it is to use Spinning Crane Kick instead of Jab for this fight, I would advise against it unless you know you won’t die because of it. The reason for this is that Spinning Crane Kick doesn’t generate Elusive Brew stacks, it will generate more Gift of the Ox Healing Spheres, but you need to make sure you use them effectively.


Make sure that you are targeting one of the Menders so that you can use Spear Hand Strike to interrupt their Mending cast. If one of them gets through it is generally a wipe.


As you will end up doing a huge amount of damage through Vengeance and their being multiple mobs to attack, making sure you have your Statue of the Black Ox down is important because the number of shields you will put out is crazy.


My tips for this fight are;

  1. Make sure you use your defensive cooldowns properly; you can go from 100% to 0% very quickly.
  2. You can use Grapple Weapon on any of the adds (Not the boss) and benefit from the 5% Damage Reduction from taking a weapon that is better than yours.
  3. Avert Harm and Zen Meditation can be used as a cooldown for your raid during Rain of Blades after all the adds are dead.
  4. If you have built up a long enough duration on your Shuffle buff, you can throw Breath of Fire around, for some big damage.
  5. Use Gift of the Ox orbs effectively, to help your healers.


So that’s it from me today everyone, I hope that you have learned something from reading these. Do you have any tips for these fights as a Tank? Let me know through comments below this post.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on February 12, 2013.

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