Tank Guide Thursday: Obsessed with Amber vs. Grand Empress Crab Legs

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As I said on Tuesday, I’m going to put up more of these guides to get through all the normal modes this tier before patch 5.2 hits live servers. It looks like it will be either the end week of February (26th) or the first week of March (5th). Zarhym posted on the forums saying that the Valor point changes weren’t going in, so you will keep all your Valor going into 5.2.


And now, onto the guides;


The first boss we will look at is Amber-Shaper Un’sok, if you haven’t seen this fight before, you can check out the Fatboss guides for 10 man here and 25 man here.


This fight revolves around you and your raids ability to control the Amber Constructs effectively, if you aren’t comfortable with the mechanics of the Constructs you need to learn how they work and what to do when you are in them if you want to kill this boss.


During Phase 1 only the Tanks will be turned into Constructs, in Phase 2 and Phase 3 the Tanks should be the last to be targeted. If the Amber-Shaper Un’sok or the Amber Monstrosity hit you while you are a Construct you will lose 40 Willpower for each melee attack.


As a Tank during Phase 1 your main job will be to apply the Amber Strike debuff to Amber-Shaper Un’sok and interrupt your cast of Amber Explosion as a Construct. When you aren’t the Construct, you will tank the boss as normal, Un’sok doesn’t hit very hard during this phase.


Ideally you want to push Un’sok into Phase 2 (By dropping his health to 70%) about halfway through one of the Tanks being a Construct. By doing this, you line up each Construct in Phase 2 to one of the Amber Explosions done by the Amber Monstrosity. The Constructs in this phase should have between 30 – 10 seconds before each explosion, so plenty of time to get into position to interrupt.


In this Phase, one of the Tanks will be tanking the Amber Monstrosity and the other will be tanking Un’sok. The Amber Monstrosity will periodically cast Fling at its current target, as well as being a stun; Fling also drops the threat of the target, so the other Tank will need to be second in threat on the Monstrosity to avoid it running around the room and attacking the rest of the raid.


Phase 3 starts when the Amber Monstrosity is killed, at lasts until Un’sok is dead. During this Phase the raid is taking a large amount of damage and Un’sok hits hard, so rotating defensive cooldowns is a must. You should Tank swap when you have no more cooldowns to use. Un’sok will turn a new player into a Construct every 30 seconds or so during this phase, which acts as an enrage timer.


My Monk tips for this fight are;

  1. During Phase 3 when you aren’t taking you can reduce the amount of damage the raid takes by using Avert Harm and Zen Meditation.
  2. Use Elusive Brew before the Amber Monstrosity uses Massive Stomp as the damage and knockback can be dodged.
  3. You can Roll before you hit the ground from Massive Stomp and end up very close to at the feet of the Amber Monstrosity.


The Second boss for today is Grand Empress Crab Le… I mean, Grand Empress Shek’zeer. If you haven’t seen the fight before you can check out the 10 man guide here and the 25 man guide here.


Shek’zeer hits surprisingly hard with normal melee attacks, so you will want to be using Guard and Elusive Brew often. Make sure that you Tank swap at 3 stacks of Eye of the Empress, so that if you accidentally pull aggro, or the tank dies etc., you won’t immediately get turned into a Sha and kill the raid.


When Shek’zeer retreats, 2 groups of adds will appear, one group at each side of the room. The adds hit hard! I would suggest having Fortifying Brew up, and as close to 15 stacks of Elusive Brew to use when it is about to end. Use Guard after, so it will absorb a large amount of damage. You can use Dizzying Haze to kite the adds, with speed boosts like Momentum and Tiger’s Lust. Priests can use their movement speed increases on you as well. Once one or two of the Windblades are dead, or they have fixated on someone else, the damage is much more manageable.


After this Phase is over, you can run through your raid if you have the Poison-Drenched Armor debuff and cause them to occasionally do more damage.


When the first retreat ends (After all the Windblades are dead, so be careful) I suggest using Bloodlust so you only have to deal with 1 retreat.


For Tanks, Phase 3 is similar to Phase 1, Shek’zeer hits hard, swap at 3 stacks, and make sure you avoid the Consuming Terror, which is a cone of damage in front of her.


My Monk tips for this fight are;

  1. Beware the adds! Make sure you have cooldowns for this part of the fight.
  2. Keep a good duration on Shuffle, especially going into the adds.
  3. Save Fortifying Brew for the adds.
  4. All these tips are about the adds.
  5. ADDS!!!!


That’s it this set of fights, hopefully these guides have helped you and you have now cleared Heart of Fear and are ready for Terrace of Endless Spring. Let me know if you have any questions about this fight, they don’t have to be Brewmaster related, I can answer Windwalker or other Tank questions with a degree of competency 🙂


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on February 14, 2013.

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