Tank Guide Tuesday: ‘Elite’ Mode

Hey everyone,


After getting over the initial panic of how soon Patch 5.2 was going to drop I’ve decided to go back to one boss per guide, I will still update on Thursdays until Patch 5.2 is released with another boss guide, so we should be finished with this tier on the 28th of February.


The Fatboss guides for this encounter are for Elite Mode. I highly suggest trying this on Elite as I don’t believe that it is that much more difficult. You can find the 10 man guide here and the 25 man guide here.


As a Tank the first part of this fight (Before the first boss is dead) is relatively easy. If you are tanking Elder Regail you need to use your interrupt when Cleansing Waters is cast at his feet. The same goes for tanking Elder Asani after Regail is dead.


While tanking both Koalan and Asani you should be interrupting Asani’s Water Bolt cast every chance you get.


After the Regail has been killed Koalan gains a new ability called Defiled Ground, this creates a void zone in front of him, which deals shadow damage and applies a stacking debuff that increases the damage that you take from it. Whilst you are tanking Koalan you need to be ready to move when Defiled Ground is cast to reduce the damage that you take from it. You can Roll backwards just before the cast, to avoid the debuff, allowing you to tank Koalan for longer.


When Asani is killed you should probably tank swap so that you can reset your stacks before tanking Koalan again. Koalan gains a new ability called Expel Corruption which creates a 30 yard zone from Koalan which will damage everyone inside it every 1.5 seconds. Ranged DPS and Healers can easily avoid it, but Melee DPS or Tanks need to be ready to move before the cast. The current Tank needs to be the last to move, so you don’t prematurely move the boss.


The tips that I have for this fight are;

  1. While a lot of the damage in this fight is magic, I wouldn’t suggest using the Glyph of Guard, so you can use it for Koalan’s melee attacks.
  2. Make sure that you use Roll effectively to get away from Defiled Ground. Consider taking Celerity to Roll more frequently.
  3. Make sure, when tanking Koalan, You try and place the Defiled Ground as close to each other as possible. Doing this will give you more room to move when Asani is killed.
  4. While tanking Koalan make sure you use your healing spells, and use cooldowns before Defiled Ground is cast.
  5. While the damage you do to Koalan and Asani doesn’t really matter as they get healed when a boss is killed. Your Statue of the Ox will still cast guard on your raid.


So that’s it for Elite Protectors of the Endless, hopefully this guide helped you and you were able to get some of the sweet Elite loot from them.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on February 19, 2013.

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