Tank Guide Thursday: Golden Dragon

So the PTR being the PTR there are some changes to Monks that went up after I put up my Sunday post. I will be looking at these changes at a later date and, if you want, you can check out the changes here.


Now on to Tsulong, you can check out the Fatboss guides for 10 man here and 25 man here.


Before we move on, this fight is a dragon fight. For everyone that is new to tanking when fighting a dragon positioning is everything. Dragons generally have all of, or some of the following abilities;

  1. A breath weapon: A frontal cone of damage which is generally magic damage.
  2. A tail swipe: This will hit anyone in the back arc of a dragon.
  3. A Wing attack: This will hit anyone to the sides of the dragon and will knockback.

Tsulong only has a Breath Weapon which changes depending on if he is in the Day Phase or the Night Phase. During the Night Phase it is important to position Tsulong so that no other raid member is in front of him.


When you pull Tsulong he will use his Shadow Breath in the first 6 or so seconds in the fight, so make sure that on the pull your raid is not in front the boss. This means that you will be affected by the debuff which increases the damage you take from Shadow Breath by 100%. How my team generally handles it is I will take the first 2 Shadow Breaths, reducing the damage of the first by using Fortifying Brew and reducing the damage of the second with Diffuse Magic.


After this your off tank should taunt, and then only switch tanks after each breath. You should try and clear Dread Shadows as frequently as possible and if not, you should clear it before the Shadow Breath.


After a certain amount of time (I think it is about a minute and a half), Tsulong will transition into the Day Phase. During this phase, your job as a Tank is to taunt the Embodied Terror when it spawns and position it in front of Tsulong. After this Terror is killed, it will spawn 5 Fright Spawn. These Spawn will cast Fright, taking Leg Sweep is great for this, as you can stun them and stop their cast. As a Tauren War Stomp does this as well.


Make sure that you stand inside the Sun Breath so you gain the Bathed in Light buff, which increases the healing you do by 500% for 6 seconds. You can take Chi Burst during this fight so you can use it twice after each Sun Breath to help the healers with healing Tsulong.


After this phase finishes and Day turns back into Night Tsulong will have dropped aggro on you, so you will need to taunt him to stop him eating a Healer. After this the Phases keep switching until the berserk timer is hit or you redeem (kill) the boss.


So my main tips for this fight are;

  1. Positioning. Make sure that you position the boss properly, try and move so that Tsulong is near or next to the Sun Beam, to help out your Melee DPS.
  2. Glyph of Guard is not necessary in this fight, but you can take it, to use it as an additional cooldown for Shadow Breath.
  3. Chi Burst can help out healers in the Day Phase.
  4. On the transition from Day to Night there is a chance that you might not have Shuffle up, as there might be no mobs to attack. Make sure you get the buff up quickly.
  5. On the transition from Day to Night, I believe that a Shadow Breath happens very quickly like at the start of the fight. I handle it the same way.


So that’s it for today, hopefully this helps you kill Tsulong and you get your Sha Touched Staff if you don’t have the Claws from Shek’zeer already.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on February 21, 2013.

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