Hoard your Valor

Hey everybody,

Not too much from me today, with the PTR changing still I’ll be looking at it more next week. It looks like Patch 5.2 will probably be out on the 5th of March, and I’ve been looking through the raid encounters trying to work out how to handle each fight with my raid team. I haven’t had a chance to do any raid testing on the PTR, but the fights look great. I am definitely looking forwards to raiding in 5.2.


The main preparation that I have been doing for raiding in Patch 5.2 is hoarding my Valor like there is no tomorrow. Looking through the reputation rewards for the Shado-pan Assault, there is a necklace that is item level 522 for 1250 Valor points at neutral reputation. At Friendly, which we don’t really know how long it will take, there is a ring, trinket and bracers that you can pick up as well. With the increased drop rate from the 5.0 LFR it will be easier to get your alts to 480 so that they will be able to do the Throne of Thunder LFR when it opens up. It looks like the first part, or parts will be released the week after normal modes are released, and the other parts released afterwards. The 5.2 LFR is split into 4 dungeons each containing 3 bosses.


That’s going to be it from me today. If you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on February 24, 2013.

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