Tank Guide Thursday: It’s the Final Count… Encounter!

The Sha of Fear is the physical manifestation of terror in Pandaria. Imprisoned by the legendary pandaren emperor Shaohao long ago, the entity has been newly strengthened by rising conflict across the island.


This is it everyone, the last tank guide for Tier 14 (Cheer). As a note, I think that Sunday’s post will be up on Monday as I won’t have a computer on Sunday. Now, onto the guide.


If you haven’t looked at this fight before, you can check out the 10 man guide here and the 25 man guide here.

 Sha of Fear

This fight is a long one guys, about 11-12 minutes, so make sure you are aware of this. The tank damage throughout this fight is fairly high so make sure you have all your physical damage reduction talents. Dampen Harm, remove the Glyph of Guard, maybe have some Armour potions and any “Tanking” trinkets, anything with Stamina and on use Dodge or Mastery.


While you are tanking the Sha you’ll notice a circle of light in front of him, this circle is a fixate mechanic, so the first person inside it will always have aggro on the boss. It also creates a Wall of Light in a ‘V’ shape behind you. This wall reduces the damage that everyone takes by 10% and makes everyone inside it immune to Breath of Fear.


The main mechanic that you have to watch out for is Thrash. The Sha of Fear will Thrash every 4th attack, which causes you to take 3 melee hits at once. DBM has a great timer for this, and with enough Critical Strike Rating you can have a couple of stacks of Elusive Brew up to increase your Dodge Chance for each Thrash. I would suggest using Dampen Harm, Guard and Fortifying Brew on some of these attacks, to reduce the damage that you take if you do get hit.


The Sha of Fear will also cast Ominous Cackle on 5 players. The current tank, one healer and 3 of the DPS will be taken to the Outer Shrines. At these Shrines there is a Sha possessed crossbowmen, which you have to kill before you can return to the main platform. Each of these crossbowmen will shoot at their main target; they will periodically cast Dread Spray for 8 seconds which fires Dread Bolts in specific directions for 8 seconds. If you get hit by 2 Dread Bolts you will get feared for 2 seconds.


When you deal damage to these Pandaren they create Sha Globes. These globes will heal the Pandaren if they aren’t picked up within 8 seconds. When you move over them they deal damage and restore your primary resource, so healers can use them to get mana back. Tanks and Healers should be trying to pick up these globes; DPS can help when they are close to them. At about 30% health, the Pandaren will cast Death Blossom which shoots arrows in all directions for 5 seconds. Each bolt will deal about 40-50k damage, but you cannot be hit while you are behind one of the pillars on the Shrine. As a tank I use Guard and pick up any Sha Globes that are left behind.


Once you kill the Pandaren you can return to the Sha of Fear. Once you have returned you get a buff called Fearless which increases your damage, healing and movement speed by 60% and you are immune to Fear effects for 30 seconds.


My Monk tips for this fight;

  1. Use any DPS cooldowns (Xuen) when you get to the Outer Shrine
  2. Make sure you replace your Statue of the Ox at the Outer Shrine and again when you get back to the main platform.
  3. Using Momentum will help you pick up the Sha Globes at the Outer Shrine.
  4. Stand in the column of light.
  5. Make sure you time when you use your cooldowns for Thrash.


Once you have done this it is simply rinse and repeat for 11 minutes until the boss is dead. Hopefully this guide has helped you and you are now standing over the Sha of Fear’s corpse with triumphant music playing in the background.


That is it for tier 14 once you have defeated the Sha of Fear, congratulations on completing this tier. If you haven’t got this boss down before 5.2 don’t fret as a new raid tier is a new chance to clear content.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com



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