Pick Your Weapon!

First of all I would like to say sorry that this post is up on Monday and not Sunday. I had no access to a computer and wanted to do this post justice.


So we are talking about weapons today. As a Brewmaster Monk you are able to use a few different weapons, these are;


  • Polearms
  • Staves
  • One-handed Swords
  • One-handed Axes
  • One-handed Maces
  • Fist Weapons


Any of these weapons are useful for us, as of tier 14 we haven’t had much in the way of swords, axes or maces, but we have had fist weapons, staves and polearms. First of all I am going to be looking at some of the new 5.2 LFR weapons to see the difference in stats at melee abilities for Brewmasters. Then I will be looking at our mechanics like Gift of the Ox and see the difference between one-handed weapons and two handed weapons.


The weapons that can drop from the Throne of Thunder LFR are;



With these weapons there is a fixed amount of Agility and Stamina depending on if it is a two-hand weapon or a one-hand weapon. Polearms and Staves have;


  • 1214 Agility
  • 1941 Stamina
  • A socket with a +60 Agility bonus


Each one-hand weapon has;


  • 474 Agility
  • 832 Stamina
  • A socket with a +60 Agility bonus


To make a direct comparison we have 2 one-handed weapons to each Polearm or Stave so the difference between these is (From Polearm to One-Handed Weapons);


  • A loss of 266 Agility
  • A loss of 277 Stamina
  • A gain of 1 socket with a +60 Agility bonus


With 2 one-handed weapons you also will get an extra Dancing Steel enchant, both of which can proc at the same time.


So we do lose out on stats (Primary) by taking 2 one-handed weapons, but because they are two weapons, both can be reforged separately, potentially getting more out of them because of this fact.


There was a post about the Legendary Questline on the WoW community site here, which states that you will be able to use the Eye of the Black Prince (Prismatic Socket) on the new Epic Weapons. If this is the case, as you can use 2 of these sockets when you dual-wield (one on each weapon) you actually gain more secondary stats by using 2 one-handed weapon then you do from a Polearm or Staff.


Looking at the weapons I listed above, the best itemised seem to be;



As a Brewmaster though, any of the weapons will be good, as our stats (especially Haste, Hit and Expertise) can have different values for different people.


The two main abilities that we have that rely on what weapon we have equipped are Gift of the Ox and Elusive Brew. Gift of the Ox has a different proc chance depending on whether you have a one-handed or two-handed weapon equipped and Elusive Brew procs for a different amount of stacks when you have weapons of different speeds equipped.


Gift of the Ox

Gift of the Ox is our ability that generates Healing Spheres around us that only we can see or use. They scale with Attack Power (Vengeance) so the more of it you have, the more they heal for.


Gift of the Ox has a set proc chance for Special (or Yellow) Attacks, which are your abilities like Keg Smash, Jab, Spinning Crane Kick etc. This proc chance is set at 10% per hit. This never changes, no matter what you have equipped for your weapon.


Melee (or White) Attacks have a variable proc rate depending on the type of weapon you have equipped and the speed of that weapon. Melee Attacks are any attack which is done with Auto-Attack. The formula for this proc chance was on the Mists of Pandaria Beta forums, which is closed, but someone copied it to the Wowhead page for Gift of the Ox. From this you have a;


  • (0.3 * Weapon Speed)% Chance of creating one of these Healing Spheres on each attack if you have One-Handed weapons equipped
  • (0.06 * Weapon Speed)% Chance of creating one of these Healing Spheres on each attack if you have a Two-Handed weapon equipped


So what this means is that;


  • With a 2.6 Speed One-Handed weapon you have a 7.8% Chance to proc a Healing Sphere from each attack
  • With a 3.3 Speed Staff you have a 19.8% Chance to proc a Healing Sphere from each attack
  • With a 3.6 Speed Polearm you have a 21.6& Chance to proc a Healing Sphere from each attack


As you can see, the slower your weapons speed the higher your chance to create a Healing Sphere from each attack. With 2 one-hand weapons you are hitting every 1.3 seconds (roughly) so you have a second chance to create a sphere in the 2.6 second window.


Elusive Brew

The number of stacks that we gain of Elusive Brew from each Normal Critical Strike (Not Special Attacks) depends on the speed of the weapon that we are using. As the Normal Melee attack uses a 2-roll table (which you can read about here) having more Hit or Expertise doesn’t increase the number of Critical Strikes you get.

How this table works is the game will generate a random number each time you attack, depending on your Hit and Expertise ratings there is a chance that the mob will dodge you or parry you, there is also a chance that you will miss. The rest of this table is made up of Critical Hits or Normal Hits. If the mob has a higher chance to dodge for example, your Normal Hits will be affected, but your Critical Hits won’t be.


What this means is that the only way to generate more Elusive Brew stacks is to have more Critical Strike Rating or more Haste (which increases your attack speed).


When you make a Critical Strike the number of stacks you gain are (Taken from Wowhead);


  • One-Handed Weapon (2.6 Speed)
    • 50% chance to generate 1 charge
    • 50% chance to generate 2 charges
  • Staff (3.3 Speed)
    • 25% chance to generate 2 charges
    • 75% chance to generate 3 charges
  • Polearm (3.6 Speed)
    • 100% chance to generate 3 charges


So like with Gift of the Ox, the slower your weapon, the more charges you gain per Critical Strike.



In all honesty, I think that Blizzard has done a great job balancing the use of One-Handed and Two-Handed weapons for Brewmasters, as both have their advantages and disadvantages there is one choice that is mathematically better at some part of Tanking, be it DPS, generating Gift of the Ox spheres, gaining Elusive Brew stacks or providing higher stats. But for now, I will leave you will one piece of advice, pick the weapon that has the highest item level, unless you really want to Min-Max your Brewmaster, it won’t matter if you are using 2 one-hand weapons or 1 two-hand weapon.


That’s it from me today, sorry again that this post is going up late, hopefully it was worth the wait.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on March 4, 2013.

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