My Week in WoW

Hey everybody,


Not much to talk about today, I’ve been preparing for raiding in the Throne of Thunder, sorting out my guild and experimenting on my Monk.


I’ve been thinking about trying to stack Mastery on my Brewmaster, after reaching a certain Haste point (About 6k). Changing my gems over and reforging puts me at about 11% Mastery, without the raid buffs. The main change between this style of gearing for me and my normal Crit heavy build is about 10% Crit. This does mean that I have less stacks of Elusive Brew throughout the fight, but I am Staggering over 50% of the physical damage that I take. I do have to use Purifying Brew more often to clear Stagger, which will mean more Haste will be required as my guild progresses through the Throne of Thunder.


We’ll see how this new build works for me, if it ends up being a little reduction in damage then thats great, if not, then I can always change back.


I would also like to thank everyone that stops by this blog, everyone that has told someone else about this blog, the people that comment and the people that follow me on Twitter. You are all part of the reason that keeps me wanting to put content up here and help everyone out. I will start putting up my Tank Guides as I kill the bosses and I do have a few questions for you all, if you would post a comment below with answers that will help me out immensely.


1. Would you be interested in Video Guides for encounters.

2. What other content would you be interested in seeing here.


Thats it from me, and for you’re time and for all that you have done for me here is a cookie.


If you do have any comments/suggestions/questions leave a comment below or email me at You can also also follow me on Twitter @matthews9292 I will try to use it more, I’m still getting use to Twitter.


~ by matthewsmonk on March 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “My Week in WoW”

  1. Video guides are fine, maybe speak about equipment. I am so confused with the stat priority changes on AskMrRobot. It is now putting AGI as a high priority and recommending agility trinkets over tanking trinkets. What do you think about this?

  2. Ask Mr Robot as a resource is great once you know how to use it properly, but for tanks in particular, as having enough Stamina is fairly subjective (as is enough Haste for Brewmasters) your personal experience and raid team will alter you stat priorities slightly.

    Stamina trinkets are great when you feel like a leather wearer standing in front of a boss because they provide such a high amount of Stamina and also either an active or proc based mitigation cooldown, which can be very useful in certain fights.

    However, once you have enough health then stacking more Stamina isn’t going to be as effective as stacking Agility, Haste and Crit. This is mainly due to how well our mitigation (Guard and Elusive Brew) stack with these stats.

    The stat priority that I am using right now is;
    1. Hit – 7.5%
    2. Expertise – 7.5%
    3. Haste (till you have enough ~ 6400 for me)
    4. Crit
    5. Mastery

    I use Agility and Crit (Deadly) gems for red sockets, Crit (Smooth) gems for yellow and prismatic sockets and Stamina and Crit (Jagged) gems for blue sockets, as well as an Austere meta gem.

    Of course, you might find you want to get to the 15% expertise cap, or need more or less Haste.

    I don’t know how much this helps you, if you do have any more questions let me know and I’ll see if I can answer them.


  3. Well I have been going for that 15% expertise, I have been taking away some of my stamina things but just concerned if I lose too much, will I get killed too easily if I am not careful. It does make since to get more agility since the attack power can effect your Guard and dodge. This has been pretty helpful, it seems gear is pretty subjective at this point. I switched my should enchant to the agility one. Actually had a lot of success last week with it, I am just unsure if I want to switch out the stamina/dodge trinkets for the agility ones or not. We are up to Garalon, and I have around 500-540k health currently using the tanking trinkets I have.

  4. The main question you need to ask is am I going to die before a healer can heal me if I remove trinkets. If the answer is yes, then you need the stamina, if no, then change your trinkets.

    On garalon you want to try and have Elusive Brew stacks for every Furious Swipe, so that you have an avoidance of around 60%

    • OK I will try to always have Elusive Brew ready for that attack. This week half the guild was out so we didn’t even get back to Garalon, sure we will be back this week.

  5. Your boss guides are great so I would probably watch videos if you went to that format. I am having a hard time finding somebody doing guides from a BrM point of view so I was happy to find your website. Keep up the great work. /raises glass

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