An Update of Sorts

Hey there everyone,

Nothing to much from me today, I’ve been working some more on the Brewmaster Guide and hopefully it should be up within a week or 2.


I’ve been settling in to the Throne of Thunder raid as well, and my guild has (finally) managed to kill Lei Shen, the Thunder King. If you want, you can actually see our kill from my stream, as a highlight, it is about 10 minutes long, with some language and yelling that probably isn’t safe for work, but you can check it out here;


It is a great fight on Normal Mode, and I can’t wait until we (hopefully) get to see it on Heroic.


This week we were unable to start on Heroics because we were missing people, but next week we will be, which you can check out on my live stream. If you are watching please feel free to chat and ask questions, part of the reason that I do stream is because I enjoy talking to people about raiding, Monks or anything else that is World of Warcraft related.


The days that I stream are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from about 8:30pm until we are done. This is all UTC + 10, which is Sydney time if you work with places better then time.


So that’s going to be it from me today,


If you want to contact me you can reach me on Twitter, you can email me at or you can reply here as a comment with questions, concerns or suggestions.


~ by matthewsmonk on May 13, 2013.

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