Blizzard Gets Flexible

If you’ve been paying attention to Blizzard this week you will have noticed an announcement for Patch 5.4: Flexible Raiding.

If you haven’t seen anything about it yet, you can check out the blog post done by Nethaera here.

What Are Flexible Raids?

Flexible Raids have been designed to be a step above LFR and a step below Normal modes; this means that the challenge that they will provide is in between the 2, which is honestly needed. The difficulty jump between LFR and Normals is fairly high as it is and a step between this will be a huge benefit. The gear will drop on a per player basis, exactly like LFR, so that there is a chance every time you kill a boss that every player in your raid can get loot. This gear will be a higher item level then LFR, but lower than Normal Modes. Flex raids will open up in wings, like LFR instead of all at once like Normal or Heroic raids.

For a Flex Raid you can have between 10 and 25 players, the difficulty will scale with the numbers of players in your raid at the time you are attempting the boss. There is no minimum item level requirement to attempt this new raid difficulty, and because of this there is no group making tool available like there is in LFR. What this means is that you will need to create your own group of 10-25 people. You can however invite people from other servers with Battle Tags, which means you can raid with friends on different servers.

Why Do Flexible Raiding?

There are a huge number of reasons as to why Flex Raiding is a benefit, the main reasons that I have found are;

  • Your guild is comprised mainly of friends and family members and you don’t want to exclude anyone. You can bring up to 25 people in a Flex raid.
  • You are after a challenge, but you don’t want to step into Normal modes.
  • You get more chances at loot every week.
  • If you are missing raiders one night you can bring some friends and raid instead of doing nothing.
  • You can practice difficult fights on Flex before attempting them on Normal.
  • You can complete the meta achievement (Glory of the (Orgrimmar) Raider) in a Flex raid.
  • There will be additional rewards for Flex, Normal and Heroic raids, but not LFR.
  • While not decided yet (I asked Ghostcrawler) there is a possibility that, because Flex raids open up in wings, you might be able to start at any of those wings instead of at the beginning.

Overall I think that Flex raids will be a huge benefit for the raiding community as a whole, but what do you all think? Are you excited about Flex raiding? Will you run them? Let me know what you think.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter or you can email me at


~ by matthewsmonk on June 11, 2013.

3 Responses to “Blizzard Gets Flexible”

  1. I think flex raiding is a wonderful thing for larger guilds. I am curious about how the difficulty will be, if it’s easier it may end up taking my place of running LFRs. My guild at the moment usually has 8-10 people on for raids so it is not so much designed for us but I still will maybe take advantage of it by PUGing myself out there. Most of my realm was smacking their faces against the wall trying to fight Horridon, and during times like that, I think it is nice to have a middle difficulty to go back to. In fact my guild had so much trouble with the boss we took a couple weeks off to run LFR and gear up together. This would have been a much better alternative, so I welcome this addition. I also like the battle tag invites since you couldn’t bring in friends from other realms before. I am just unsure of how much I will personally end up using it due to my guild’s smaller size.

    • I think that the main draw for a current guild with 8-10 people will depend largely on the server that you play on. If you are playing on a server that does have people for PUGs, you would easily be able to fill the spaces to get you to at least 10. If not, you can always try and work something out with another guild. However, I do think that this will bring back the community side of raiding and PUGing, as there is no grouping tool for it.

  2. I am optimistic about this being implemented, I was a dire hard raider in late vanilla through lich King, then in Cata I had a portion of that time to raid, and the time I did raid it was with a social guild, and everyone knows the story from there, 3-10 people show up and the 3 that do show didn’t even bother looking anything up.. When LFG was created I was in love, no longer guild drams for gear, easy and quick Queues for a tank and it was fast.. and easy.. a little too fast and easy.. In fact so fast and easy I could just stand in stuff. This tool will make it easy to get back into raiding with a social guild.. I do however feel for the social/raiding guilds that stick to 10 man with only 7-9 members showing up, but then again if raids are made that accessible you might end up seeing a well geared 5 man dowing flex raids, so I do see the logic in keeping it 10-25 people.

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