Patch 5.4 – Ring of Peace


Hey there everyone,


Patch 5.4 is up on the Public Test Realm now and there are patch notes on the WoW site. MMO Champion has heaps of data mined stuff, but please take everything as a test (hence ‘Test Realm’). Nothing is final yet, and much will probably change. The only change for Monks right now is that Ring of Peace now has a new animation, that looks nothing like the bubble that it was. I shall leave you with some screen shots from the PTR of Ring of Peace, it is actually a circle even if the screen shots make it look elliptical.







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~ by matthewsmonk on June 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “Patch 5.4 – Ring of Peace”

  1. It’s beautiful! I really hate the green bubble on live, so it’s good to see that’s been improved. I tried to get screenshots myself but the PTR was so unstable. 😦

    • It is a huge improvement over the current visual. When I first logged into the PTR it was unstable, couldn’t stay logged on for more then a few minutes, but it was better when I was taking the screenshots.

  2. […] new visual for Ring of Peace (which you can find here), and a change to how it works. For PvE this change doesn’t affect how we use it and I don’t […]

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