Tank Guide Tuesday: Red, Green or Blue – Megaera

Even the most callous among the mogu quaver at the thought of the dark experiments performed at the Thunder King’s behest. Long ago, a young cloud serpent was twisted into a multi-headed hydra and left to languish beneath Lei Shen’s throne. Now the twisted creature lurks deep in the Forgotten Depths, awaiting the moment it may finally inflict its terrible agony upon others.


If you haven’t seen the encounter before you can check out the Fatboss guide here or the Tankspot guide here.



The Talents that I recommend for this encounter are;

Tier 1 – As with every fight so far, Tiger’s Lust is my go to choice here.

Tier 2 – I use Chi Wave for this tier.

Tier 3 – I use Ascension here.

Tier 4 – There is nothing in this fight that you would use this tier on, so it’s up to you. I use Ring of Peace as my default.

Tier 5 – As the magic damage in this fight gets high, I use Diffuse Magic.

Tier 6 – I think that Xuen might be bugging out on this fight (I think he gets bounced around when he tries to get behind the heads). If you want to help out with stacked healing you could take Chi Torpedo, but I didn’t find it was needed.



The Major Glyphs that I use for this fight are;

Glyph of Guard

Glyph of Fortifying Brew

Glyph of Zen Meditation


The Fight

This fight revolves around killing 7 of Megaera’s heads. There are 3 different coloured heads, red, blue and green. The Heads have their own health pool, and new Heads that spawn will have 100% health. Each time you kill one of the coloured heads, it will spawn in the Concealing Fog away from the platform. Once there, it is unable to be attacked, and will no longer use its breath ability. The two other coloured heads will spawn and Rampage, which does a large amount of AoE Magic Damage for 20 seconds, during this time this is the only damage going out, once the Rampage is over, the Heads become tankable again.


Each Head has a breath ability (Frontal Cone) which does either Fire, Frost or Nature damage depending on which head it is.


The Flaming Head

The Flaming (Red) Head’s breath places a stacking debuff on all players hit by the breath called Ignite Flesh. This DoT deals a large amount of Fire damage when it gets to a higher number of stacks and lasts for 45 seconds.

When the Flaming Head is in the Concealing Fog it will use an ability called Cinders. Cinders is a magic debuff that deals a large amount of Fire damage, and then deals more Fire damage every second for 30 seconds. Once the target either dies, or is dispelled, Cinders leaves a pool of fire on the ground which will deal Fire damage to anyone standing in it. You can drop the pool on a patch of Icy Ground and it will melt it, which removes it.

To deal with Cinders, have the player affected run out of the raid, and get dispelled by a healer. The pools will despawn throughout the fight.


The Frozen Head

The Frozen (Blue) Head’s breath places a debuff on all players hit by the breath called Arctic Freeze, once this debuff gets to 5 stacks it will stun the player for 20 seconds.

When the Frozen Head is in the Concealing Fog it will use an ability called Torrent of Ice. Torrent of Ice is a beam that follows a player, inflicting a high amount of Frost damage every 0.5 seconds for 8 seconds if they are hit. The beam will also create patches of Icy Ground where it travels, which lasts for 1 minute. If this beam is dragged over one of the Pools created by Cinders you will remove that patch.

To deal with Torrent of Ice, have players kite the beam away from the raid.


The Venomous Head

The Venomous (Green) Head’s breath places a debuff on all players hit by the breath called Rot Armor. This debuff increases the damage that you take from all sources by 6% for 45 seconds, this effect stacks.

When the Venomous Head is in the Concealing Fog it will use an ability called Acid Rain. This ability is cast at a random player in inflicts damage to everyone upon impact. You take less damage from this ability the further you are away from it when it lands.

To deal with Acid Rain, make sure your Ranged DPS and Healers are not standing near the Melee DPS and Tanks, and have everyone move as far away as possible before it lands. If it is dropped near the Melee it will do a huge amount of damage to the Tanks and Melee.


How you decide which heads to kill will be entirely up to your raid, but when my team killed it we only killed Venomous and Flaming Heads, which made the healing fairly intensive, but it meant that we didn’t have to deal with Torrent of Ice at all. If you find that this is too healing intensive, you can kill a Frozen Head instead of a Venomous or Flaming one.


Brewmaster Tips:

The tips that I have for this fight are;

  1. You have enough time to use Guard for the first and third breath abilities that each Head does.
  2. Place your Statue of the Ox at a central location and you won’t have to replace it through the fight.
  3. During Rampage Zen Meditation will absorb 5 ticks of damage, while it isn’t a lot, every cooldown can help. Alternatively, you can use it as a cooldown for one of the breaths.
  4. You can use Avert Harm without Zen Meditation as an extra raid cooldown.
  5. Use Diffuse Magic and Fortifying Brew right before a breath, so they cover the whole breath.


So that’s it from me today everyone, I hope that you have learned something from reading these. Do you have any tips for these fights as a Tank? Let me know through comments below this post. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on July 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Tank Guide Tuesday: Red, Green or Blue – Megaera”

  1. I THINK that Xuen does ok here but I haven’t paid too close attention, I do feel like I am helping with DPS with it though. The order I would handle breaths is Guard, then Diffuse Magic, then Guard, then just running around picking up those green healing orbs or a Fortifying brew if its getting nasty out there. If you don’t have any defensive cooldowns for breaths its good to just run around picking up those spheres.

    • Oh yeah another thing I like to do is on the first rampage, I like to focus on using Blackout Kick as much as I can so I can have a huge amount of time left on stagger that usually lasts decnetly through the fight, this way you can feel safer timing your guards.

      • If you are using the Glyphed Guard you can use it anytime within about 20 seconds of the breath, because only magic damage is absorbed, but you want to use it after the Rampage

    • I find that for the first 3 heads you don’t really need a cooldown for the second breath. Make sure that you have Chi Wave and Expel Harm off cooldown so that you can use them to help out healers and you should be fine, but you can use Diffuse Magic and Fortifying Brew if you need them.

      You can also use Zen Meditation as a cooldown for one of the breaths if you don’t need it as a raid cooldown.

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