Tank Guide Tuesday: The Ever Watching Eye – Durumu the Forgotten

Lei Shen commanded his sorcerers to mold an aberration that could peer into the hearts of his followers and detect betrayal. From this decree, Durumu was given life. The clever entity stubbornly obeyed its masters until the Thunder King’s death, at which time it disappeared into the citadel’s labyrinthine corridors. Only recently has Durumu, all but forgotten by the mogu, emerged from hiding.

If you haven’t seen the encounter before you can check out the Fatboss guide here or the Tankspot guide here.



The Talents that I recommend for this encounter are;

Tier 1 – Whichever talent you want, I use Tiger’s Lust, but you can use one of the other 2.

Tier 2 – Again it’s up to you, choose which you like the best, although Zen Sphere can be useful

Tier 3 – I use Ascension for this fight.

Tier 4 – There are no adds that can be affected by stuns or silences, so it doesn’t matter.

Tier 5 – I use Dampen Harm for this fight.

Tier 6 – I use Invoke Xuen for this fight, and most other fights, and you should as well.



The Major Glyphs that I use for this fight are;

Glyph of Enduring Healing / Glyph of Stoneskin

Glyph of Fortifying Brew

Glyph of Zen Meditation


The Fight

As a Tank for this fight it is pretty standard, there aren’t any extra things that you need to do. There are 3 distinct phases that repeat until the boss is dead or he enrages.


This fight is a 2 Tank fight, revolving around swapping after 3 or 4 stacks of the debuff Serious Wound which is applied when Durumu uses Hard Stare. This debuff reduces the healing that you receive by 10% per stack. Durumu also applies another debuff when he uses Hard Stare called Arterial Cut. Arterial Cut causes you to take physical damage every second until you are healed to 100% health.

Because this is the only major damage that comes out of this fight you should rotate though Guard, Fortifying Brew and Dampen Harm to reduce the damage that you take from Hard Stare.


During the 1st phase of this encounter the 2 things that you have to deal with apart from Hard Stare are Lingering Gaze and Force of Will. Lingering Gaze will place a debuff on players, and after a few seconds it will create a void zone underneath them, causing damage to anyone that enters. As a tank, to deal with this all you have to do is stand directly underneath Durumu when the debuff expires so the void zone doesn’t block parts of the room during the rest of the fight. Force of Will focuses on a player and creates a cone around them that will knock back anyone that stands in it. If the is placed on you, or someone next to you either run or Roll out of the way. Be careful being too close to Durumu when this is cast, as the cone encompasses the red circle underneath Durumu when you target him as well.


The second phase of this fight is the Light Spectrum phase. Durumu will summon adds that can only be seen by shining a colored beam onto them. Once the 3 Crimson Fog are destroyed the phase ends and the first phase begins again. 3 random players will be targeted by a colored beam, either red, blue or yellow. The Red and Blue Beams will follow the player they are attached to until the phase is over, or the player dies and they will target a new player. The Yellow beam will start on a player and then slowly spin around Durumu. The goal of this phase is to use the Red Beam to find the 3 Crimson Fog and kill them. Once you have found one do not move until it is dead as if you stop shining the beam on one they will deal a large amount of damage to everyone. The player with the Blue Beam should not move because you don’t want to find the Azure Fog.

You need to have players standing in each beam or they will deal large amounts of damage to everyone. For my raid, I got the healers and some ranged dps to stand in the Blue Beam (up to 4 players), the rest of the ranged dps and melee dps to stand in the Red Beam (up to 4 players) and the 2 tanks to stand in the Yellow Beam. Of course if a healer is targeted with the Red Beam they should replace one of the ranged dps that would normally stand in the beam.


The third phase is the “maze phase”; Durumu will start casting an ability called Disintegration Beam which will kill anyone caught in it. Durumu will rotate one directed until he stops casting Disintegration Beam. The maze doesn’t have a fixed path so you can’t learn it, and this will be the cause of many wipes when you first start this encounter, however, once you can survive this phase you can kill Durumu.


After the third phase Durumu will summon a Hungry Eye which will cast Life Drain on a player, which stuns them and siphons health from them to Durumu. The longer the Eye focuses on a player, the more health will be taken. To counter this, have your melee rotate the player taking the Life Drain every 3 stacks. You do this by moving closer to the Hungry Eye then the player currently targeted. As a tank if you are hit by this you need to have it taken off you, as you will be stunned.


Brewmaster Tips

The tips that I have for this fight are;

  1. Save Expel Harm until after you get hit with Hard Stare and use it to help your healers remove Arterial Cut from you sooner.
  2. You can use Avert Harm when you aren’t tanking (especially during Light Spectrum) to reduce the damage that your other tank takes.
  3. Using Xuen (and any 3 minute cooldown) at the start of the fight should bring them back up after the first Disintegration Beam.


So that’s it from me today everyone, I hope that you have learned something from reading these. Do you have any tips for these fights as a Tank? Let me know through comments below this post. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.


As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


~ by matthewsmonk on August 20, 2013.

One Response to “Tank Guide Tuesday: The Ever Watching Eye – Durumu the Forgotten”

  1. This fight took some practice. One thing I found really annoying though is there were times when someone would get hit with Hard Stare , be stunned then immediately they would be stuck in a FORCE OF WILL cone, then get knocked out of the stage. Also during the maze phase, just keep in mind sometimes the clear part of the maze will go right underneath Durumu. You may think it’s a dead end but try to look underneath the eye, sometimes thats where the empty space is.

    BTW do you notice that Xuen kind of bugs out with bosses that are airborn? He seems to sometimes get knocked back then run forward for no reason.

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