Tank Guide Thursday: All Brawn, No Brains – Iron Qon

Legends speak of the brutality of Qon and his quilen champions. The fearless mogu commander was dubbed “Iron Qon” by the Thunder King for his unrelenting resolve to claim victory after victory for the empire regardless of the cost.

If you haven’t seen the encounter before you can check out the Fatboss guide here.



The Talents that I recommend for this encounter are;

Tier 1 – I take Celerity for this fight, as 3 Rolls will get you out of the Windstorm quickly

Tier 2 – Take your pick here, but Chi Wave or Zen Sphere are the best choices.

Tier 3 – I use Ascension for this fight.

Tier 4 – The adds in this fight can’t be stunned or silenced so take your pick.

Tier 5 – The main tank damage in this fight is physical so take Dampen Harm.

Tier 6 – I take Invoke Xuen.



Glyph of Enduring Healing

Glyph of Fortifying Brew

Glyph of Stoneskin


The Fight

This fight is a 4 phase fight. Phases 1-3 Iron Qon rides on one of his Quillen mounts, and in phase 4 he faces you himself.

There are a few mechanics that Iron Qon keeps throughout the whole encounter and I’ll detail them here. The first ability he has is Impale. Impale places a DoT on the current tank, dealing physical damage to them every 2 seconds, this effect stacks. As a tank, you want to swap every 2 stacks to keep the tank damage as low as possible.

Iron Qon also uses an ability called Throw Spear. He hurls his spear at a random player, inflicting damage and when he is mounted on one of his Quillen (phases 1-3) the spear gains additional effects.


Phase 1 – Ro’shak, the Molten Flare

The first Quillen that you have to deal with is Ro’shak. There is a large amount of raid wide Fire damage in this phase, so cooldowns should be used. Ro’shak will gain Molten Energy as the fight progresses and will use Molten Energy when he uses abilities. If Ro’shak reaches 100 Molten Energy he will start castsing Molten Overload which will wipe your raid.

Periodically Ro’shak will cast Molten Inferno which will deal Fire damage to all players and reduce his Molten Energy by 10. When a group of 3 players is stacked within 10 yards of each other Ro’shak will cast Unleashed Flame, which will deal a large amount of Fire damage split between all players hit, reduce his Molten Energy by 30 and will place a debuff on them, increasing the Fire damage that they take, called Scorched, this effect stacks.

The key to dealing with this phase is to set up 3 groups of players (in 10 man) and rotate who takes the damage from Unleashed Flame. During this phase Ro’shak will empower Iron Qons spear, causing lines of magma to burst from the spear, dealing damage to anyone hit and placing a stacking DoT on them.


Phase 2 – Quet’zal, the Stormcaller

Quet’zal is the second Quillen that Iron Qon calls into battle. The main difficulty in this phase is the Windstorm, which pulls all players into the centre of rings of tornados. While players are in the Windstorm they take Nature damage every 2 seconds and have the Healing, Damage and absorption effects cast reduced by 80%. After the Windstorm some Rushing Winds will move around the room, stunning players hit and dealing damage to them.

Quet’zal will also cast Arcing Lightning on a random player, which will stun them and absorb any healing done to them. Arcing Lightning will also deal damage to anyone standing near the player affected. You can remove this by clicking on the player affected.

Quet’zal causes Iron Qons spear to create lines of lightning on the ground, and will stun anyone standing in them after 3 seconds.


Phase 3 – Dam’ren, the Frozen Sage

This phase is probably the easiest of the 4, the main mechanic of this phase is Dead Zone. Dead Zone creates a shield on 2 sides of Dam’ren, causing all attacks against him to miss.

Dam’ren will also reflect some of the damage that he takes back to the player with Frozen Resilience. Freeze is another ability that Dam’ren will use, debuffing a random player lasting between 1-5 seconds, which will inflict Frost damage to all players.

Like the other 2 phases Dam’ren will cause lines of Ice to erupt from Iron Qon’s spear, which will slow players movement, melee, ranged and casting speed by 25%. This effect will stack up to 4 times.


Iron Qon’s Last Stand

Once you have defeated all of Iron Qon’s quillen he will face you. He still has Impale and Throw Spear, and gains new abilities. Iron Qon will use Fist Smash, inflicting physical damage to all players for 7 seconds. The longer this phase goes on Iron Qon will gain stacks of Rising Anger which will increase the damage he deals by 10% per stack.

The Rushing Winds from phase 2 will still be moving around the room and Iron Qon will use them to his advantage. Iron Qon will either Ignite or Freeze the cyclones. Ignite Cyclone will cause the Rushing Winds to deal Fire damage to all players and Freeze Cyclone will entomb anyone caught by the Rushing Winds, dealing 5% of their maximum health every 2 seconds.

This phase has both a soft and hard enrage timer, and the longer this phase goes on the more damage Iron Qon will deal, making it harder for you to kill him.


Brewmaster Tips

The tips that I have for this fight are;

  1. Transcendence doesn’t have a long enough range to be useful to escape the Windstorm, so I prefer to use Celerity because 3 Rolls will get you out of the storm.
  2. Avert Harm is a good cooldown for the 4th phase, combined with Fortifying Brew so that you don’t die from the damage of Fist Smash.


So that’s it from me today everyone, I hope that you have learned something from reading these. Do you have any tips for these fights as a Tank? Let me know through comments below this post. If you have any feedback I would love to hear it.

As always if you have any questions, suggestions or comment you can reply here, you can contact me on Twitter at @matthews9292 or you can email me at monkdownunder@gmail.com


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